Walking To The Forest

She was quietly walking with her arms crossed. When finally, the weather was calm, she sat down. She took a sticky stick and “crack”, she broke the stick. She took another stick but now the stick was wet. She went with the stick to the forest. She grabbed many sticks to do a fire. She saw a little rabbit that was moon gray that was hopping.

She went near the river and saw an old boat she wanted to try it but it was too old. She went under a dry tree to not have some raging rain on her. When the rain was finished it was humid but she went on the aqua blue river to refresh herself.

When she was out of the river she threw rocks in the river. Then she strolled fast when all of a sudden she saw an old house. She looked at the house for a few minutes. She went  into the house and it smelled intoxicating.

She was also seeing if there was something to eat or to drink. Finally, she saw some water but “splash”, the water bottle fell down.

After she sees a french fry yellow bed. The first thing that she wanted to do was sleep.

How To Comment

For the Student Blogging Challenge you are not just doing your All About Me and your intro post you are also commenting. I commented on three blogs. The posts that I commented on are really interesting because they talk about sports and my favorite thing to read about is sports.

These are the blogs that I commented on :

Hi Frieda,

I like your post because you taught me some interesting things about Brazil. Did you ever go to Brazil? Do you know what kind of food they eat in Brazil? It’s funny that they say “garcom” because I talk french and in french “garcom” means boy.

Have a nice day


Frieda’s blog is: http://blog.elanco.org/kauffm563/

Hi Gabriel

You are lucky to do swimming sport competition. Do you take swimming lessons because I did when I was five years old and it was pretty fun. Today I am a good swimmer. Did you win the competition ?
Bye have a nice day


Gabriel’s blog is: http://mahsbgabriel123.blogspot.ca

Hi Kane`s Gnarly,

I would like to play lacrosse it looks fun. I have a few question. The first one is do you play on a real team? The second one is how many players are on a team and how many play at the same time? The third one Do you play just in the summer or you play in the winter too? I like your video.

Have a nice day.


Kane’s blog is: http://kls.global2.vic.edu.au

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Student Blogging Challenge

 Hello people! I am going to participate to the Student Blogging Challenge. I am excited because it is the first time that I heard and participate at the Challenge. I didn’t expect to be on the challenge but OK I am going to have a new experience. It is going to start on the 6 march and all of the people of the world is going to see it. I think I am going to like it because a love to do post and when people of different countries comes and see it I like it more. If you don’t know what is the student blogging challenge it s that you do your all about me and an intro post.

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