MY First Vacation

My first trip was a surprise because my mom told me the day before.

We took the plane for four hours to get to Punta Cana.  We arrived at the hotel and our room was on the fourth floor.  The pool was just in front of our room and we can see it from our window.   I played in the pool with new friends. Their names are L. and B..  We played football in the pool we went to the beach and we drank Mickey Mouse.

We went in the dolphin pool and swam with them.  punta1It w

It was my best trip ever.  I want to go back soon.

image source: punta 1.jpg

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  1. Hello Lionel,
    I’ve never been on a catamaran but as you know I have been sailing. My husband and I have a 26 foot sailboat (not catamaran type) and we are looking forward to doing a lot of sailing when I retire.
    I read a lot of blogs by people who live on their boats and a lot of those people choose to live on big catamarans. It sounds like a glorious life!
    Mrs. Theriault

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