Student Blogging Challenge

 Hello people! I am going to participate to the Student Blogging Challenge. I am excited because it is the first time that I heard and participate at the Challenge. I didn’t expect to be on the challenge but OK I am going to have a new experience. It is going to start on the 6 march and all of the people of the world is going to see it. I think I am going to like it because a love to do post and when people of different countries comes and see it I like it more. If you don’t know what is the student blogging challenge it s that you do your all about me and an intro post.

2 Thoughts.

  1. Hello!
    My name is Dinah and I’m helping with the Edublog Student Blogging Challenge. Nice to meet you!
    I’m glad that you are excited about the challenges. So am I! It is exciting to see people all over the world checking out your blog. I had one group of students leave me a voice message on my blog. They were happy and loud and giggly; and it is still fun to listen to the message.
    Well, I’ll check back soon. I look forward to seeing how you introduce yourself in this first challenge.

  2. Hi Dinah
    Thank you for your message and nice to meet you too! When people live me message it make me proud because people like my blog. Again thank you for your message because I like replying or commenting.

    Lionel online

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