All About Me

Hey guys welcome to my new blogging account. I would like to tell you all about me. My parents named me something else but I would have liked to be named Lionel. This is why it’s my blog name.

I am in 5th grade, and I’m 11 years old. I am born on the 4 October 2005. I live in Canada, Montreal in ST- Catherine.

I play soccer
and my soccer team is named ‘’Les Rapides De Roussillon’’. I am in U12AA elite competitive.  My position is left forward. My favorite soccer player is Lionel Messi this is another reason that my blog name is Lionel. My favorite soccer team is FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi is the captain of the FC Barcelona.

My favorite thing to eat is pizza and candy. The kind of pizza that I like the most is bacon, cheese, and pepperoni.

My favorite activity when I’m at home, is biking on my BMX. This summer, I got my first BMX as an early birthday gift.

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